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Lauren - An outback tomboy, she lived life for fun and nothing else. Then Baorgis ruined it all by abducting her and cursing her with lycanthropy of procoptodon, a prehistoric kangaroo. Of the five free by Tishessi, Lauren most keeps a positive attitude, but, though tough, she has dramatic mood swings from happiness to anger. But when it comes down to it, Lauren is quite a fighter, especially with the power of a procoptodon behind her. And while she hates Baorgis for what he did, of all of them she most enjoys what her life has become – a real adventure.


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A Prehistoric kangaroo, great new concept. I was wondering why she only had 1 claw on each foot.


okay, that's a completely different colour concept to what i was expecting... the background is gorgeous!


Ooh! Very interesting idea! However, I believe that the term lycanthropy is only used for werewolves. I may be wrong, but great picture anyway! Keep 'em coming! :D


Your ideas are all really neat and your characters interesting and well thought out, (at least judging by your descriptions) But a lot is taken away by your photoshopping method. I advise looking up some tutorials on utilizing layers to work shading and so on rather than what looks like excessive use of burn and dodge. Dramatic lighting is one thing, but the lighting is the same in all of your pictures- I assume, then, that it's your coloring technique holding you back. Try not to go sooo dark- you can have dramatic shadows without going black. And I thinkt hat's enough crit for now XD


So you all know, the feeling in this part of the story is supose to be dark, thus why he shows it like that. Baorgis's lair is not all inviteing, these pictures are "sceans" from the story.


I read the story on your deviant account. I'd LOVE to see how you approach an insect TF. I've loved everything so far.


Therianthropy is the mental shift of one's mind into that which more closely resembles a animals personality and mind. While it can also be a physical shift the term is more often used in the Mental sense. Lycanthropy is used to describe a were-anything (raven, cow or tree and so on) or the physical And mental change into that which is closer to a animal. By definition the Two are the same things for the most part, as Therianthropes are also known as "Weres". Anyway the picture is looking good.


^^^ Word..... I like your art and story. Keep it up.