Warmup - Crutches no longer needed by MageOmega

Warmup - Crutches no longer needed by

Date: 11/21/2013 Views: 8086 Favorites: 65 Comments: 9


A personal warmup sketch I did during the stream that I decided to finish.

It's an idea I had milling around of someone who has to use the arm crutches to get around, getting TFed into something that makes the crutches unnecessary.

Soon she will be able to walk around, or perhaps even fly around) to her own content! Free to be herself!

What do you all think of this idea?


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Sir. I like it.


Cute. ^.^


I think it's a beautiful idea.


aww good for her <3


reminds me of that one girl from the captain America comic book from the 80s where they where against drugs from like outer space...idk I have a copy of one in an old engineering collage text book some where at home


ok I was wrong then wrong again one it was in a car book and the comic book is from early 90s and the girls name is Sil...I think still idk I read it 3 times before I got anything the bad part is its against drugs and the guy I got it from was on meth for two years soooo that says something right there....


(Corrupted, you're thinking of Silhouette. One of the New Warriors. Uses weighted braces and crutches in her fighting style. http://www.cracked.com/article_19105_6-comics-that-covered-serious-issues-failed-hilariously.html Cracked can tell you true how bad that comic was.)

And if "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" taught me anything, it's that WHEN YOU TURN INTO A DRAGON, TAKE ALL METAL SHIT OFF YOUR ARMS! Those crutches are going to be painful in a bit, no?


stratokastr it was pretty bad I am not the brightest bulb on the coconut tree by far and I truly had to read it like four times before it made sense the only reason I bought it was the hope of $$$$ hell in fact I made $30 dollars profit off of a calibration weight for a scale to my chemistry teacher :3


and her name is Silhouette? That's a Chevy mini van!