Changes down unda COLOR by MageOmega

Changes down unda COLOR by

Date: 8/26/2012 Views: 12121 Favorites: 96 Comments: 4


Hi there.

This is my First actual attempt at coloring with Paint Tool SAI ever. I downloaded it last night and decided to give one of my old works a shot at it to see how it came out.

I think I like the program over Opencanvas and Photoshop.

Either way, what do you all think of my coloring skills?


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Coloring looks good mate! Keep up on the awesome TF art! I love her paralyzed/freaked out expression


Good job! You and flinters should be 'Faved'; if not allready.


Yes, is very good. The only thing is that maybe the claws are too much yellow.


i agree woith GoldSnake, but verry nice work, expecially considering it's a first attempt use of another painting program