Someone's cheeting by MaLAguA

Someone's cheeting by

Date: 9/6/2022 Views: 4432 Favorites: 58 Comments: 6


I've neglected posting pieces here since i feel like most are below standard (and only lineart). But i felt like i needed to give out a reminder here and there.

On a side note.... drawing cheetah spots is exhausting.


It's the first day of the school's competition and the girls are ready for what is a dash race. Moods are high and people watch in anticipation for whoever will be making it to first place.

But wait! what's this, there seems to be some animosity between the girls.


As per usual, any comment is appreciated. Let me know what you think and what you like/dislike.

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i love it but im curiouse...

is her left hand now a paw? cause i dont see a thumb and does this mean the right will follow after and b a paw? is there gonna b a sequal? XD or does the tf slowly revert?


Hm, might be because of the angle but she's supposed to have a thumb >>


id love a full story behind whats going on here!


Tiempo sin publicar aquí, te quedo muy bien. En quiero un poco de esa bebida.


Si, por lo general publico en deviantart y furaffinity. Aca siento que tengo que hacer un mejor trabajo para poner mis piezas


eso no quita que sea pase pase por aqui.