Sketch - Queen's Due by MaLAguA

Sketch - Queen's Due by

Date: 12/19/2019 Views: 9019 Favorites: 76 Comments: 2


Here is a small sketch I've been working on that suddenly expanded into this massive and elaborated image. The idea behind it is so enticed, i'm somewhat tempted to move on to make a story about this.

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The colored version is in my patreon. Let me know what you guys think and if you want a colored version or the story. (as per usual, there's an ammount of comments or attention the piece should have)


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yes and yes

i am wondering what the hell is going on she looks amazing cute n sexy

im guessing someone queen/princess napped her

and she some how transformed into that sexy creature before us and now making the bandit bring her treasure 0.0


the yes to color and story

but i understand if we gotta pay it def b worth it if i had the cash sigh being poor sucks oh well thanks for the none color version at least <3