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Larger version of previous post


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Nice pictures - and welcome to Transfur! :)

These versions are certainly better than the originals, but I have one technical suggestion: Instead of compressing your black-and-white pictures as JPGs, save them as GIFs or PNGs. Those formats are far better for low-color images or images with large areas of a single color. I tried recompressing this image ('bottom') as a GIF and PNG, which resulted in 34k and 51k files, respectively. That's much smaller than the 187k JPEG! Likewise, your ot


Thanks for the advice! I'll see if I can get those options on my scanner (right now, it seems to prefer jpg's or tiff's.....) 7@=e


I love midsummer nights dream!


What's even funnier is that my class did that play and this guy zeke - really silly, played bottom. I was the lion :)