Art Trade: Metamorpher by Lucern7

Art Trade: Metamorpher by

Date: 3/15/2015 Views: 9715 Favorites: 54 Comments: 6

Forced Transformation
Ripped Clothing

A trade with Metamorpher where he's turning into the recently discovered species of Longneck dinosaur Qijianglong which is believed to be a possible inspiration for the eastern dragon due to the length of its neck.

Metamorpher tried to hold it back, his excitement at hearing the discovery of a new dinosaur, but unfortunately these things have a way of coming out, and well in the dinky hotel room he got unfurnished for this exact reason, isn't proving roomy enough.


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Oh wow that's so sexy! His change has a very phallic feel to it. ;)


That was not my intent but I guess it's unavoidable with long-neck dinos I'm glad you like it anyway.


Everything is phallic and sexually charging for MichelleMorphette LOL. Don't worry dude, I didn't get that impression.

I just really like the fact that this dude is turning into a dino in a really tiny room (or at least it will be tiny soon), like seriously what do you even do about that. Haha it's cute. <3


I've enjoyed this type of dino TF ever since EDMOL's brontosaurus.


Yeah I remember that one, also RaptonX did a pretty good Sauropod TF


That neck's gotta present a crapload of problems in that building XD