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Jessie knew one day they'd catch up, she wasn't as cunning as she used to be and after a couple of close calls finally the hounds tracked her. The first signs of change she ran away from her handlers. Now years later, after spending months out of sight of anyone she is finally found. Doomed to spend her last few human years being trained for her new life, as one of the hounds.

Part 2:

"I have to admit that tactic was pretty clever...". The handler, a middle aged woman sipped her tea. "...the first time you did it. What's this, the 7th time now?'

The woman adjusted herself in her chair and leaned down. She spoke close and in a low tone: "What's the matter, can't think of any new ideas? Do you even know what tactic's are?"

Jessie strained at her leash a low groan slipped passed her lips.

"You are still in there aren't you? Fascinating really, most don't cling on as long as you have." The handler rises up and fishes out something from a draw.

"As much as you must be suffering in that little brain of yours, this can't go unpunished."

Jessie catches a glimpse of something shiny and metal but cant work out what it is.

"Time for us to remove those piercings i think." A broad grin erupts on the woman's face.

Part 3:

Months drift by, days blend together until Jessie forgets herself and all concept of time washes away in a sea of training and hunting.

Her escape plans become simpler and fewer until finally she forgets there was anywhere other than the compound the outer tree's representing the edge of the known world to her.

She fights a lot, a deep seated frustration she can't pin down in her head bothers her and makes her prone to aggression. Somethings not right... something uneasy...

The last couple of weeks after her training she'd been picking at the feeling in her head as she lay alone in her cage, the others were bad and did bad things.

Were there once good others? The angry one's with sticks that hurt, they reminded her of something...old.

Then out of the silent dark Jessie hears something falls like a hammer through her mind, breaking the fog...


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Damn your good.


How sinister.


Great 👍🏻


Oh, she broke through! I like this one.


Oh that's some intense story telling. I like it when people try their hardest to fight back


I know!!! I wish this would continue...