Mal Pal Xx by KrazyIvan

Mal Pal Xx by

Date: 9/17/2018 Views: 22621 Favorites: 89 Comments: 4

Forced Transformation
Gender Change - Male to Female

Brain was gullible enough to believe someone actually like him, in a way he was right just not who he'd intended. Patreon commision

Re-upload due to context error and for some reason Transfur didn't let me upload the edited version to the same submission.

Also added the original sketch, which was changed by patrons request.


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sorry for piling on you for that bit but i do like the changes

nice work on the picture part both time


nah its cool, i think of any feedback as helpful. I shouldn't of been lazy with my work


Yeah, I second that. Excellent work, dude ;)