crowkid by Kanada

crowkid by

Date: 2/13/2004 Views: 16041 Favorites: 87 Comments: 7

Raven and Crow

Looks like Kyle really is a "Bird Brain"


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I love the down. =)

Sure wish I could grow feathers, then I'd stop wearing that blasted jacket all day.


bird epidemic! :D


Hmm trying to decide if i should yell at you for the lighting or not LOL, looks like something id do with all the darkness. It looks good and thats what matters. Your anatomy is still rather "amorphous" :D but ure improving with practice. now quit slackin and get back to work! *cracks whip*


Nice! I love to see bird TFs :>


Haha. :> Nifty! And my D&D character(?) got turned into a raven* just this last Saturday, too. The only thing this picture is missing is shinies (lighting effects don't count.) ;>

(*Crows are close enough. :P)


that's brilliant


i dont know why but i just realy like that one