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Date: 2/4/2004 Views: 27286 Favorites: 48 Comments: 5


Rebirth or Transformation?


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Nice to see you JV! I like the one on the left.


I like this image not so much for the graphic content, but rather for the statement about rebirth on the right. It is extremely profound. You should be proud of that.


Well the statement may be profound,but its also

been around for centuries,if not longer.Sift through the symbolism of totem ( power) animal

quides for the lakota snake,the wiccan dragon and

other beasties and you'll find that rebirth= transformation concept has been around for a while


in a way transformation IS rebirth when you think about it.

the change in ways and the change in nature can be very transforming indeed.

a thief can become a rocket engineer if he or she wanted to, and maybe someday he/ she will.

its a matter of perspective.


Cool. I like the concept and the wing "buds" on the left picture. I had a series comissioned very similar to that with wings forming.