cani's transformation by Journey

cani's transformation by

Date: 3/11/2011 Views: 44756 Favorites: 279 Comments: 5


my Lastest pic for Apokol. I figured since we've already seen a cow that I didn't need to draw out her Transformation as long. also fixed the udders.


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Oh, my, how beautiful she is! I really like how understated her coloring is; it accentuates her features nicely.


fantastic work. i like the second to last image in the first frame. i think she'd look great without an udder in that one, not that you can see it much anyway.


Judging by her expression at the end, I take it that wasn't supposed to happen... Ah well. Like the colors. Very St.Patty's Day.


Hahah, now it's my turn to walk in and kiss the cow so I can be one too!


Absolutely lovely work - Not nearly enough anthro cow teefs around. =3