The Delta Project: Guardian of the Forest by Jakkal

The Delta Project: Guardian of the Forest by

Date: 9/20/2019 Views: 15455 Favorites: 62 Comments: 4


The Winning Suggestion for December 2018 was: "Someone close to freezing to death becomes an animal with thick winter fur coat."

My Patreon patrons offer the suggestions, vote on them, and then I do the rest.

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"Um, not to seem ungrateful, Spirit of the Forest, but couldn't you have just stopped the blizzard until I got to safety?"

"Not my department. That's the Spirit of the Weather's job."

"Okay, but then why couldn't you turn me into a deer until I got to town, and then turn me back to human again?"

"You know, Dave, with an attitude like that, you may never earn a promotion to Elk."


Really nice also if the last page it kinda confuses me for the weather :o (like left normal and right winter o-o) but oki.


Indicates the passage of time in the guy's new role as an immortal guardian spirit.


As I insert new batteries into my radio, I realize I'm not alone. I turn the radio on to hear the following:

"All in the forest, be aware of a classified threat that we can only tell you is human. It originated from the Southtown Correctional Facility and is roaming the north portion of the forest. Stay weary and safe. Over."

And so that's why I felt eyes searing into my backside. A miracle can only dream of... i-i-is that a white deer?