unitf by Jakkal

unitf by

Date: 7/25/2003 Views: 16052 Favorites: 61 Comments: 7


Just a unicorn doodle I did on the phone one night. I dunno what he's so upset about.


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It's hard to believe this is really just a doodle. I really like the subtle lines in the feet and hooves, kinda like "ALMOST complete hooves, but not quite."


This is a doodle? Wow... very cool. Veeeery cool. More, please!


If you like the TF then go to bt and site http://blacktapestries.keenspace.com/ it

is a good comic


Beautiful. I agree: if this is just a doodle, what's the finished stuff like? (Any maybe he's looking horrified because he's a unicorn turning into a human?) ^_^


Hooves / hands. that's how I have imagined the drawing of hooves hand tf's and the feet are even better.

*records it as example of hoof tf *

I realy like this work. good use of the pencil as well. My big weekness in human face and you've nailed it. well done.


Heh. I'd like a shot at coloring this, it's so good.


Heh...maybe it's just a first-time TF or it just physically hurts. With that horn coming out it might seem like the mother of all migraines to him.