Hannah Lydle - The Hydra by Inkblot

Hannah Lydle - The Hydra by

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Before And After
Implied Tf

Name: Hannah Lydle - The Hydra

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Height: 5' 5” (Human) – 9' 3” (Hydra)

Weight: 127 Lb (Human) – 613 Lb (Hydra)

Cup Size: A

Species: Multi-Cerebral Engineered Reptile - Hydra

Birthday: January 19th

Era From: Era 3 (2060 – ????)

Occupation: Synthex Mutant Agent (Forced to be)

Sexuality: Straight


-3 heads, each with its own personality. Middle head controls the body while the side ones just control their neck and heads.

-a strong dragon body that is durable and strong

-claws that can cut through foes with ease

-toxic saliva that can poison foes with one bite. Each head has a different kind of poison with different effects (Violet – Highly toxic and kills quickly) (Cyan – Slow acting. Causes great pain and slowly kills) (Blue – Paralyzes and shuts down the body's organs one by one)

-hard scales that act as armor against all kinds of attacks.

-half cold blooded. Internal body temperature varies slightly depending on the environment.

-the possibility to have many more heads. Her mutant species can have more then 3 heads, but in her case she only has 3.

-the other heads become alternate personalities when she is human.

-the other personalities can become the middle head if she turns human and then becomes a hydra again. Though this can only happen if Hannah wishes it, as she is the default middle head.


-extreme heat and cold weaken her greatly, opening her up for attack.

-knocking out or cutting off the middle head will stop/kill her quickly

-knocking out or cutting off a side head will cause great strain on her, and will leave her very weak and open for attack.


-her brother, meat, her family & friends, her human form, & cute things.


- her mutant form (slightly), synthex, when her friends/ family are in danger, veggies, & extreme heat and cold


-loving, caring, thoughtful, determined, sympathetic, brave, passionate, hopeful & Selfless

(the other heads are variations of Hannah's own personalities. The Cyan one is named Cyannah, and the blue one is call Indiannah)

Hannah spent most of her time caring for her brother. Her parents had died 2 years ago, and it was left up to her to care for her younger sibling. However, on one fateful day, they both were kidnapped by neo-synthex. When they were gonna mutate her brother, she begged them not to, and instead took his place. Synthex agreed, took her brother and hid him, forcing her to work for them or have harm come to him. She was turned into a hydra and became an the next agent for synthex to manipulate.


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it b amazing to see the tf =p

but very nice work


i'll do the tf some day. for now tho, you will have to wait for the commission i asked my friend to do. he is doing her tf, with his own freaky twist


np i do love ur work =p

i have troubles not hitting favorite on most ur work X d


anyways is good, also if deadly x3 but anyways 1 head is better than 3 :)


don't you mean 3 heads are better then 1? i would assume you would be in favor of more heads.


well, you know 1 head is better o3o also because there possibilities that the side heads does revolution and get the control of the body^^" happens in most of hydras o3o


yeah, well i guess indiannah and cyannah will just have to deal with it.


probably also if these 2 can become corrupted if has the hydra inside her^^" idk if you get the concept^^" (then would be needed a synthex remover if not can be worse) like the side heads can betray the main head and then eat each other for gain the control of the body.


You have very good, I would like to storytelling. Be interesting to tackle its own internal conflicts head.