Maria Jackie Swallows - Marine Maiden by Inkblot

Maria Jackie Swallows - Marine Maiden by

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Implied Tf
Limb Loss
Skin Color Change

Name: Maria Jackie Swallows (goes by Jackie or marine maiden)

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height: 5'3” (human) 7'4” long (mermaid)

Weight: 129 Lb (human) 257 Lb (mermaid)

Cup Size: B

Species: Asian Arowana Mutant

Birthday: April 17th

Occupation: Mutant Support

Sexuality: Straight


-Ability to fill her lungs with air and water, allowing her to breath on land and in the water.

-dual lessens in her eyes, allowing clear sight underwater.

-adaptable body systems to live in both salt and fresh water environments.

-waterproof fin-ears, for better hearing underwater as well.


-even though she can breath air, her body must stay hydrated in order to survive. Get her out of the water and she will go out with no effort whatsoever.


sports, video games, movies, eating out, hanging with friends, trying on clothes, and many other average teenaged activities.


standing still, boredom, the indoors, reading, and recently, water and swimming as a whole...


-tomboyish, competitive, blunt, active, adventurous, fun loving, risk taker, over expressive, and very outspoken

jackie loved going out and enjoying life. She never stopped to rest. Always one to live life in the moment, and take every opportunity to have fun, it was quite ironic that she get stuck with a mutation that left her in a pool for most of her day. Unable to have fun, she grew to despise her mutation, and water as a whole. Feeling like her life had been taken from her, she often was very aggressive and annoyed. When she wasn't lashing out about her situation, she was complaining about how it had to be her who got captured and experimented on.

Fortunately, she was able to befriend many mutants that had been experimented on like herself. While she couldn't live her life the way she used too, she found new ways of enjoying her new found one with others who felt her pain. Together, she and the other mutants formed a group that would be dubbed the rejects; a name fitted for those who could not or would not fight as heroes. Together, they would comfort new found mutants, helping them come to terms with their new found lives.

Though even so, it didn't stop her from complaining about not being able to play stunning plumper pals in a swimming pool....


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she sexy nice drawing glad 2 see ur uploading