Racamii by Hazard

Racamii by

Date: 5/5/2003 Views: 45887 Favorites: 305 Comments: 13


This scanned from a very small original, hence the thick clumsy outlines. She still rings a few bells though ;)


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Nice to see you back again. Nice 'coon girl too.




are you sure that's a coom girl? from the looks of the fur growing on the rest of the body, she looks more like a cat. Anyway, great pic, Hazard:)


Yea, I was under the impression it's a cat, the feet are becomming digitigrade and raccoons are plantigrade. she's also down to 3 fingers and a thumb on her right hand and raccoons have 5 digits on their 'hands'

Her tail shape and colouration are closer to a tabby cat.


I like it :-)

It's definately a coon, thats what the artist listed it as.

I think its a great style, but some of the coon proportions are off, specifically the tail (and as others noted, # of fingers)


meh. either the dude is so lazy, or he's so confident in his skills, that he didn't bother checking the anatomy of the critter;). For me, it was the confidence issue and a lack of anatomical info; I've had to do research on several pictures done for folks; a coon, a lemur, and *sighs* a pikachu (hey, be glad I don't know em well enough to draw em!). Examples of mistaken anatomy abound in various places, such as foxx and blackrat using paw like feet instead of digitigrade feet on their past lemur


lines look fine for a 'small original' and try Cigar, try to be a little less abrasive/unintentionally insulting when pointing out someone elses 'mistakes' especially on public boards, its not condusive to happy art folks, and only breeds resentment between artist/fan. [beggars cant be choosers, to put it more bluntly] The pic is nice, technique is solid, I like.


She looks like a cat too me.


o.o Cigar you obviously haven't contributed to the site so theres no point in arguing. Awsome pic Eddie, wish I could draw worth a crap x.x.


I'll keep this short and sweet. Looks good whether she has the right paws or colors.


This is one of my favorites.


One of the best.


you are nautral born drawer


On the whole cat or coon thing, it does look more like a cat. I gotta give this one a 4/5.