Mans Glove by GrandStorm

Mans Glove by

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Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

Brianna is a character I have had for a while with the Ranma syndrome. Putting on female clothing turns him into her.


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Ermmm this really isnt a TF.. Unless you plan for more in a seq to change that.


Really, Nahele? A guy transforming into a girl isn't TF?


technically Nahele has a point this is TG not TF but thats just semantics

nice work btw


I'm up for some antics. Nice work btw


If you really want to pick nits, it's technically a trans-gender transformation.


very nice!


this is a tf it is a TG TF... get over it its good


Well, the change itself looks quite pleasant, with that expression on her face.


i'd hit it <3


Yes my point is this is a called TransFUR not Transformation. Meaning there is s fur aspect to every piece of art expected.


No i'de say it was a catchy name and tells you whats on the site, however correct me if i'm wrong but this is a site for transformations and this is a transformation. Nice work by the way


Good job. BTW Grandstorm. Do you do TG TF AR's? Same name on FurAffinity.


.... no, Nahele. It's just a catchy name and following that logic we'd never have people TFing into birds, elephants, lizards and so on. No, transformation is the only aspect needed.


This piece does not fit under Transfurs' content policy. Everyone who thinks otherwise needs to review it.


dragoon while the content policy says it should include certain aspects it is not must include. Also nothing in this image is on the liat of not allowed. Legally speaking this does not go against the content policy.


Another interesting note to add humans are part of the animal kingdom so this could also be argued as an animal merely being tged. Amyways I love the expressions and fluidity of the image


I'm with JonBuck; the happy look on her face really makes it for me.


Yeah, we are part of the animal kingdom, so this, in a way, is a TF. It's as much a TF as a male rabbit would be becoming a female rabbit, for instance.

Very nice sequence, btw ^^


We even have a tag for it...Simple as that. I enjoy the face in image 3. Whether he knew what to expect, he still enjoyed the change!


Oh hey look, that whole "__ are people too" phrase is on the reverse now! :D People are animals too, man! This piece of work is great as usual, Grandstorm!


People come here for relatively specific furry/animal transformations, not generic transgender art you can find about anywhere else on the internet.


For those of you complaining about the picture,

Please go read the content policy page, it

States tf' with fur prefered, however there is also the

Much, much more be creative clause at the end.

They then list what is NOT acceptable. This piece does not fall

Under the NOT accepted guidelines, stop griping, if it

Doesn't suit your tastes, then move on to something

Else and let those that enjoy the piece enjoy it.


flicker and others stating people come here for specific animal transformations lease explain the plant categories this site has.


Just came by here again to say I like this picture. A lot. The movement of the pants shifting to a dress is wonderfully fluid and I'm captivated by the expression (s)he has in the second frame.


Male to female is not a species change.


It's a nice picture, but yes, there are many sorts of transformations which don't meet the content requirements of this particular website.


Again flicker in the content guidelines it states an animal simply changing genders is accepted. If I need to reiterate that humans are in fact anomals then I feel sorry for you. Last thing I should point out if the admins felt it did not fit guidelines it would npt have stayed up this long.


@ ManeAtans The exact phrase is "anthropomorphic characters changing gender," and the word anthropomorphic is defined as something non-human with human characteristics.

If you're referring to "animal transformations involving a gender change," that's talking about a gender change in addition to species.


TFs... srs bznz. I must agree with Dragoon :< There are plenty of other sites out there for just male to female changes. I apologize if it seems like I'm belittling you or your opinion, but this site has been pretty (exclusively) for the changing of human to ______ species in one way or the other for over a decade.


If you don't like it then don't click on it


Can't find a single piece of TFTG art without whiny bitches ruining it for me and the rest of us that like it. Sorry, but I don't know any TG sites, so I come mostly here for the TG art. If someone's going to have a problem with that, then what is the point of having this site exist (implying there's all something on this site that someone doesn't like)?


Whiny bitch? >.>


RevivedDragon This site is for non-human themed transformations and always has been. TG is allowed on this site, but only in the presence of the site's established themes. If you allow work that's completely void of those, you're setting a precedent that would allows the site's content to become diluted with quite a bit of human only material(which there is plenty of already, I can assure you).


I have been a part of this site for a long time. through many updates to the site. i agree with Revived. the admin have not seen a problem with this or any that are just trangender. It is not agenst the TOS of submitting art. Some art i hav seen that is one picture start like this no "fur" in it. then later show a animal quality added. though some ar just tg. Its fine get over it. if you dont like it then gripe to the admin to review the piece. though i bet since the first post complaining they checked and passed it as legal. transfur is just a name like deviant art. by the logic your arguing deviant art is actualy im not sure what a deviant is other then devils and ants. but you dont see just devils and anys you see all differnt transformations even people just putting pictures up. its their art. and this here is the art of this artist. lt it go


I think I'll put down a final say on this arguement since I been been watching this site since it started. I only recently got an account due to the fact that I was considered a garbage level artist when the site opened. I know this cause I applied many times. When I did finally manage to get on I had the privlige to talk with the site owner. More specificly about what I could post. Since at the time I drew mostly inanimate TF and was more broadening what I knew at the time. He that the site was for Transformations, and while at the time it was specificly for the broad area of TF he said that he wanted the site to broaden out and open to lots of facets of Transformation. TF was never fur specific on the site. Infact when it started fur specific TF was very uncommon. Heck look at the many themes programmed in. All human TFing.

The final touch I might say is that art is art is art. You complaining about something I scribbled on a digital file and posted to an art board.


Its a transformation isnt it!? Which means its allowed here isnt it?! So all of u shut up. :)