[Patreon]-The Lupine Plague by Fringedog

[Patreon]-The Lupine Plague by

Date: 7/21/2015 Views: 14766 Favorites: 62 Comments: 9

Lupine Plague

Another Patreon pledge sketch reward , this time for dariuswhitefur !

For his sketch, he wanted something to this scenario:


"A man infected by a disease that is slowly turning him into a monstrous feral wolf. Each day he watches himself becoming more the monster, he starts looking at his friends like food, and becomes increasingly angry at clothes and technology. It takes 28 days for the change to happen, and he was exposed a week ago. His reflection tells him he can no longer pass for human out in the world."

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that's a disease someone should start creating!!


I would rather not have people start turning into vicious animals that could potentially cause many injuries and casualties. It would especially suck for those infected because law enforcement would have no alternative other than putting them down. Just a thought.


I love the story just as much as the art!


Thanks! Darius is to thanks for the story behind this one :)


The wonderful ideas in that regard.


Technically, the word plague is only used in reference to the Bubonic Plague or Black Death as it is commonly called. What this affliction would be called would be determined by how it was contracted. Be it Viral, Bacterial, or Fungal. I think there might be more, but those are the three I can think of right now. Anyway, just putting that bit of information out there. No need to change the name or anything. Just thought I'd bring it up. One other thing. I am assuming that this is contagious?


Yeah, this would not be fun, losing your sense of self and all, not to mention its a disease/ virus that would seem rather harmful even w/ o the transformation. A curse would be better, at least that could be removed somehow!

Either way, nice job on these!


Great update, really love the monstrous vibe, you got the feral side of it across nicely. How far into it is pic 2? Something tells me his friends are probably staying a good distance away now...


Second page sucks