Cardinal Sin by Fenchurch

Cardinal Sin by

Date: 6/30/2008 Views: 9508 Favorites: 54 Comments: 5


Ah, is it Costume & Mask Transformation Time already? On a bit of an avian kick at the moment!


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You care way to much about what other people think


Oh, I like it! The face is great for the bird. And the hand stretching into the wing is classic. I wonder if it'll be like cartoon birds whose wings double as hands, or if this isjust one step along the path to non-morphic. Keep up the good work! And never hesitate to find ways to improve.


This is one of the few songbird tfs I've ever seen! O.o Wow. Not bad. :3 I feel like doing a blue jay tf now. :D


I agree with roadrunner if don't like it tell them to kiss yo ass, Naw just kiddin but if they like it oh well they'll just find them another artist {Take it or Leave it}


Wheres that guy live? Indiana?! LOLZ I LIVE IN INDIANA!