Married to the Sea by Fenchurch

Married to the Sea by

Date: 6/22/2008 Views: 12919 Favorites: 49 Comments: 5

Cursed Location

A surveyor finds himself turned to a sperm whale-type critter as he investigates strange disappearances around the drilling site... (Another pencil piece. Should ones like this go under sketches because of that?)


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Looks great! Nice to see some new ideas around here. And since it looks to be a finished piece, nicely cleaned up, I don't think it belongs in sketches.


If this were Captain Ahab...there'd be some sense of irony to it. He becomes the one thing he's hunted his entire life. XD


Whale huh


Glad you like him! I thought no-one had done a sperm whale before, I'm trying to fill in the gaps of unloved critters... =P


I like how his head is square...KP