Werebat by FearGhoul

Werebat by

Date: 5/23/2011 Views: 11493 Favorites: 58 Comments: 4


Not that many bat tf out there. Thought I'd fill the void.


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really nice! i think the only reason there arent that many bat TF's is cuz too many ppl associate them with vampires. what they dont realize is that bats are awesome creatures on their own and they dont need to suck blood or be undead to kick ass!


I agree wholeheartedly! If vampires were out of the picture, there would be more bat tfs. Great picture too!!! I love the smoothness of your art.


Eh, bats can come off as awkward to some I suppose, what with arms=wings or arms + wings conversion thing... I'unno. I like bats. They eat mosquitos and other things I shed no tears over.


Exaclty. I agree also and like bats too. its just like 99% of the Wolf TF's on here are Werewolves