DraePig by Evion

DraePig by

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Well, this is likely one of the oddest TF pictures to be seen here in a good while. It's hard to explain, really. XD I was doodling whatever I felt like, and happened to be drawing my Draenei from World of Warcraft, but then I wanted to do some kind of facial TF stuff with expression... and this kinda came out. >.>; So yes, Draenei and a polymorph spell, most likely... no, it won't be a sequence.


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So...cute...Does it have a plot?


Love it! ^.~


Bwahaha, Now I have seen this in more then one place. Also Mitchell It says on deviant art that its just a polymorpf gone wrong, Insted of a sheepy its a piggy. D:


I do believe this is the first WoW TF I've EVER. SEEN. Thus earning you five hundred internets and a LEEEEEEEEEEEROY!- good pic. XD


I have a undead mage who can sheep you :P / I love your coloring and her face :))


I've done WoW TFs, but kept them to myself because I wasn't sure if I could post them on here or not. If Shadow says it's okay I'll post them now that Evion started the bandwagon... I might as well jump on it. ;)


Glad to see you're still pumping out the good stuff, Evi!


I love the pic, but WoW TFs are sort of an iffy topic here, considering the rule about using copyrighted characters.


WoW characters aren't copyrighted, since you can't copyright 'dranei' (although you can trademark it). anyhow... Ver cute! I'd love to see more exploration into character expression, even if it's just some sketches. PS: Submit this to the Blizzard Fan Art site! ^-^


There's actually an alternate Polymorph spell you can get, I think it was part of some level 60 quest line for mages, that did polymorph the target into a pig instead of a sheep. I think there was another alternate one, too? Frog or something. Anyway, if this means WoW character transformations can be put up, I eagerly await the tauren. ^^


polymorphs you can get in WoW are: turtle, sheep and pig :)


There is the Turtle polymorph spellbook you could get from a summonable boss in Zul'Gurub. Good picture btw.


Hmm, didn't know about the copyrighted character rule, since I'd never done anything like that and hadn't thought of it while doing this piece. I'll check with Shadow and see what he says about it and take down the piece if it's a problem. :3 I don't mean to break any rules or anything! I'm glad people like it, though, and even if I do take it down, it'll still be up on my DeviantArt page for folks to see!


Blizzard allows fan art, so it kinda ignores the copyright rule that I know. Anyhow about the art, SWEET!...okay that says it.


It's fun to see the WoW geeks come outta the woodwork. :P I really like that concept, thought it was a great tf idea since Warcraft II :)


I love WoW im a druid 70. 100/10


i've got a level 70 druid.. yay, go wow!


70 mage. I don't use anything but the Pigmorph spell <_<


Draenei rule! ^_^


I think Shadow would be more concerned that this site becomes a WoW fanart site, seeing the popularity. Really nice picture, can really see the shock :P, and 70 Belf Paladin & 70 Tauren Shaman ;)


Hey, as long as it remains TF based... Here's hoping Blizzard approves! (The rules state it's fine if you get permission)


It's transformation, should be fine, otherwise you can always change the 'story' a bit to include the blue and horns. Not like it matters.


Siaon>Draenei have horns naturraly, it's not part of the TF depicted here. Nice work evion, I always love you what you do.


Aye, thankfully I checked with Shadow last night, and he was fine with it as long as it wasn't a copyrighted character. It's an OC based in the Blizzard WoW world, not like I'm using Thrall or Illidan or something. X3 And I dunno, there might be a story behind the picture? I'm leaning towards a cursed artifact of some sort. >.>


Well first of all i need to say ... ZOMFG!! thats one of the best art pieces ive seen, i hope to see more of this kinda TF's in the future, too bad you dont plan on a sequence tho, but still great work.


interesting concept =3


Nice Work. Really nice Work. Hope you do some more of that Stuff xD


now er, would we be alowed to trade usernames? considering the immense popularity already. this is why I say transfur needs forums


Heh maybe an image of a tauren druid changing to cat or bear form might be in order sometime.


Tauren -> sheep or Tauren->pig would just look awesome, I know it :D Great pic :)


Polymorph gone wrong? I thought she was turning into a Quillboar.


Polymorph, piggy, the expression tells much more than most I have ever seen, A Fine Work!


BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! I mean holy crap! there must be at least 4 dozen comments on here! Anyway, nice pic. I like paranormal stuff like this, spells, dragons, demons(HENCE THE USERNAME!!!), and that kind of stuff. I likey. ME LIKEY VERY MUCHY!!!


Yay! world of Warcraft!


I would love to see more of these kind of pictures!