OhDear by Evion

OhDear by

Date: 9/22/2006 Views: 37460 Favorites: 222 Comments: 25


Aurum, excentric wizard and potion-mixer, indulged a bit too much in a polymorphing potion. Though he thought he'd cured it, when he woke up the next day with deer ears and a black nose, there was only one thing he had to say.


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I like the pose, and use of mirrors. overall pic is very good btw ;)


he is cute, I like the expression


A pleasure to see your artwork on transfur!


Excellent piece, Evion! I've always been fond of mirror pieces myself, because they are a good visual device to express the emotion of the character 'confronting' their change,s as well as a way to show them from two angles. Excellent work!!


i guess you are new and your art is amazing ^^


Wow. I really like this one! It's simple, wll-drawn, and his expression is believable.


I like to see more of this one...


This was always one of my favorites of yours from dA! It's just so fun and cute, and he's such an endearing character!


I am going to guess he is gonna say instead of DOH!, it will be "DOE!"


Wow! Excellent work!


Fantatstic. Another great artist joins Transfur. :)


I agree with Dinorex. Perhaps a slow TF in comic book form focusing on the practical problems of the change. (Respectful apologies to Bombut) I would leave him a buck so it stayed focused on cervine rather gender changes. Fine work!


Nicely done. Very clean style!


I like this very much. I like the ears and the look on his face.


I like the pic, I actually hope he continues to go down the transformation path ;)


Thanks guys, I'm really glad people like it 'cause I have to admit I'm fond of this one myself. XD Arania - Yeah, mirrors are fun to work with. If only I had more scenes to use them in, hmm... Asgromo - Ha! Glad you like my blathering XD Dinorex - Well, I hope to draw more of him! =D Hans - Well, it's not a complete TF, see ;3 Right now, he's just stuck with deer ears and a nose that pop up when he doesn't take his magical equivalent of medication. Yargo - Well, it's not likely how one would expect him to end up, but stuff does happen... X3


Awesome! I really like your art style. This picture is just wonderful.


ugh man, that has totally happened to me before, and then you gotta explain to your friends what happened and you keep having night terrors about hunting season starting early and y'know lack of berries to eat...yeah, bummer...GREAT art tho :3


So that's what happens after a stag night out...


This is a beautiful picture I love it soooo much.


Aw... he's cute. I like the ears! Plus the faucet is a dragon. :3


Already been said, but, cute! And are you SURE that's a boy? Looks a bit feminine.


I know it's probably said alot on this site but I'm going to say it anyway... If I could draw this good then I wouldn't need another job


Is it bad that the guy looks a little like...me!


I love your work. Especially all of them!