Ill Always Love You by Emerwyn

Ill Always Love You by

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And as she grew, Linuh's heart broke. Even though he knew that this was what had to be, he would miss her, and he would never be the same. Her face disappeared, and he rose to turn away. But, he could swear that he heard, amidst the rustling leaves and twisting branches, he heard her say, "I will always love you." He smiled, and knew that she would always be with him.


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I'm entranced by her face and leafy hair. Simply stunning work.


I love it! Especially with the background story.


nice. i like the leafy hair as well as the story and i think you should tell how she had come to being transformed into this new form of hers.


Where can i find this Background-Story? Is ther something more than in the Picture-Info?


^^ I'm pleased to see so many of you interested. The intention of putting only a snippet of the story was to see what kind of reaction I would get from it. Now maybe I shall do more pieces, perhaps a sequence, entailing more of the story. If not a sequence, then the pieces shall find themselves at dA, since they shall not be TF pieces. Thanks for the lovely comments! <3


I agree with the other statements. A story would be nice!