Contest Entry: Portal to Eluna by EduartBoudewijn

Contest Entry: Portal to Eluna by

Date: 10/14/2017 Views: 7593 Favorites: 28 Comments: 1


Here's a contest entry I made for oldiblogg's Eluna themed TF contest on dA:

It took me a while to decide on a creature, eventually I decided on the Astari, sicne the lean design, the long neck and the three pairs of eyes all intrigued me a lot. Since the character choice was left up to the contestants I decided that this would be an interesting way to finally give Cerice some well deserved attention once again. I think she's found a transportation spell which she has used to travel to Eluna, only to find out that the spell has a pretty severe side effect for the traveller...

Check out more info on the Astari here:

Or check out more of Oldi's Eluna stuff here:


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Ooooooh never heard of that before