Horse Face TF Redraw by EduartBoudewijn

Horse Face TF Redraw by

Date: 9/25/2017 Views: 8287 Favorites: 74 Comments: 6


Here's a redraw of my very first dA submission; which I submitted exactly 10 years ago today!

At the time I drew it in Microsoft Paint with just a mouse and a "How to draw Manga" book. As far as I remember I didn't even have a reference of a horse handy at the time; which explains why it in no way resembles a horse.

I really wanted to do a redraw of this first piece on the 10 year mark as a bit of a benchmark as to how far I've come in the last 10 years. For sure it has been an interesting journey; I've met wonderful people and I've drawn so much pieces. I remember when first uploading this I didn't even think about favs or comments. I just remember every evening logging in to dA just to see how many views the image had gotten. It wasn't much, but every single one really delighted me (even though most were probably ticked on by me checking the image to see the view count). I remember getting my very first fav and being mind blown for a long time after that. Honestly I don't think that at the time I could imagine the situation I'm in currently on dA or the level of art I've risen to over the years.

It's definitely been a lovely journey so far; I really want to thank all of my watchers, favers, lurkers, commissioners, commenters and viewers. Everyone who watched my pictures, left a comment, added them to their favs, or even sent me a note; Thank you all very much for your support and motivating me to keep doing this for such a long time. I'm happy to say that I'm not planning on stopping any time soon. Seeing how far I've gotten in 10 years only makes me more excited to think where I'll be in 10 more years.

I'd really appreciate any and all feedback on this piece; Although I'm very happy with the resulting image I'd really appreciate anything that'll help me further improve in the future!


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I love progress comparisons. Can't wait to see what the 20-year comparison looks like :D


It'll take ten more years for me to get to show you that, but I'm working on it ;)


Nice! ^-^

The lips on lips is a little weird... Wouldn't her lipstick be spread out like a stretched rubber band? Anyhow, yes, it's been lovely to see your art progress ^-^


Thank you!

I personally like the lipstick to kind of remain in its original shape; it leaves it more recognisable as such. And thank you for enjoying all my art over those years!


What a difference a decade makes, eh? Great job! Hope you keep on going.


Just a shame it takes as long to get there =p

I'm definitely not planning on stopping anytime soon though ;)