kuma-eala-unicorn by Ealadubh

kuma-eala-unicorn by

Date: 1/4/2008 Views: 13413 Favorites: 48 Comments: 5


OC collaboration between myself and Kuma. I did the pose and sketchwork, he did the majority of the inks and detail; then later I tidied up and finalised the figure stance in Photoshop, and Kuma added a few more details. See if you can spot what's his and what's mine...


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All I can say is that you 2 did some excellent work!


You two did some excellent work! Where have you been Eala? It's been a while!


Very awesome comeback- and the face is definitely yours, or at least the eyes.


The final line art you two came up with is phenomenal. I nominate this for best B&W single picture based off the quality of the line art.


Great pose, esp. the angled legs. You guys have agreat grasp of (imaginary?) anatomy.