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paintbll by Ealadubh
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"Paintball" - One for Ian Williams, that well-known paintballing and cervine lover. I may turn this sketch into a full-fledged picture sometime.
can-you-do-this by Ealadubh
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Realism vs. tooniness. Not a contest.
but-is-it-me by Ealadubh
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Artists like to experiment with new ideas and techniques. Preferably on each other.
tomandkwerty by Ealadubh
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A little bit of an in-joke, this one. But it's a groovy mouse TF, so you can't really complain. :>
sumorilla by Ealadubh
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My part of a brief session with Womble, drawing gorilla TFs for Poagao to get back into the swing of things.
hairyfeet by Ealadubh
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More Wacom sketching. LOTR joke for Womble.
Japanese Shmapanese by Ealadubh
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"Japanese, Shmapanese" - 101 uses for a Millenium Dome, number 56: training ground for Godzilla. Would you really want to TF into anything this macro?
krmchmln by Ealadubh
12787 views, 12 favorites, 3 comments
"Karma Chamelion" - Ahh, boo yerselves. *I* like my TF puns, see if I care. :P
barfly-harpy by Ealadubh
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Alcohol is bad for you, in more ways than one.
werbunny by Ealadubh
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