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HUSTLED by Ealadubh
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It's that Puck again.
pheasant by Ealadubh
14759 views, 41 favorites, 2 comments
"Pheasant Plucker" - Somedays I try to draw and the blockage refuses to let anything out. Other days I pick up the pencil and *this* appears, and I just have to think... 'Damn, I'm good'. :>
yourehired by Ealadubh
12639 views, 41 favorites, 2 comments
Roll up, roll up, join the circus and earn all the fish you can eat.
qroms by Ealadubh
15766 views, 39 favorites, 0 comments
Familiars should be seen and not heard. Cartoon idea by Weremoose.
wyvern-wardrobe by Ealadubh
19416 views, 39 favorites, 6 comments
The lion, the witch and.... wait, *that's* not right.
TroodonTF by Ealadubh
12772 views, 39 favorites, 0 comments
Yeah! Finally got around to shading and finishing off this little dino pic properly. Liz, I hope you like it. :>
SwanDX- by Ealadubh
2 images, 19621 views, 39 favorites, 1 comment
Remember the old swan sequence I did waaaaaaay back? Well, it's showing its age now so I've decided to redraw it, and improve upon it in the process. Here's a quick preview.
AustraliaDay by Ealadubh
13668 views, 37 favorites, 0 comments
A holiday with side effects.
dance by Ealadubh
27613 views, 36 favorites, 1 comment
Nine-AM after yet another all-nighter, and here's the product of the latest instant-sketch trade. You lucky people. :>
gotthehump by Ealadubh
20444 views, 36 favorites, 4 comments
Camel TF, my half of an art trade with CeeJay.