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pengsuit by Ealadubh
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SwanDX- by Ealadubh
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Remember the old swan sequence I did waaaaaaay back? Well, it's showing its age now so I've decided to redraw it, and improve upon it in the process. Here's a quick preview.
headache by Ealadubh
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donkeydance by Ealadubh
19429 views, 48 favorites, 4 comments
Mesmerised by the enchanted music, the revellers dance on to their doom....
wyvern-wardrobe by Ealadubh
19416 views, 39 favorites, 6 comments
The lion, the witch and.... wait, *that's* not right.
Donkeyfoal (Faces) by Ealadubh
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A bit of background to this... Some time back Kuma sketched out a donkeyfoal sequence for Posti (same story as the later one by SpiritPup), but for whatever reason it didn't get past the initial roughs (not that there was anything wrong with it). Anyway, since I've been getting back into inking of late, Posti approached me to embellish, ink and finish it up; Kuma has given his blessing as well. Here's a taster, effectively a short sequence in its own right; there will be more to come.
tennis by Ealadubh
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mask by Ealadubh
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Gadzooks! 'Tis another preview, this time of the donkey sequence in the works for Eric Schneider. I've something like four sequences on the go presently, including one for Tincrash and one for Oren Otter.
milk by Ealadubh
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Yes, it's the obligatory cow TF which all artists are required by law to draw at some point in their careers. If somebody can pass along a good enough photo of a school cafeteria, I'll colour this pic and mask it on top.
AWholeNewU by Ealadubh
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So maybe you do need a new spirit guardian; it's still considered polite to ask first.