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home by Ealadubh
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Here's something that doesn't come up very often; a raven sequence. Twelve frames in all. See what you think of this one.
temple by Ealadubh
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properly by Ealadubh
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Poseidon by Ealadubh
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Here's a work in progress that's coming along nicely. TFSpinner and I discussed pic pics the other night and both decided to draw the same hippocampus idea. I'm sure you'll see his soon. :>
but-is-it-me by Ealadubh
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Artists like to experiment with new ideas and techniques. Preferably on each other.
seahorse by Ealadubh
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Encryption by Ealadubh
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03/?? That's put the Latin hat on it. No going back now... Inks, letters and finishes by me, from pencils by Oren Otter.
sangoma by Ealadubh
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Definitely not a person to get on the wrong side of.
behooved by Ealadubh
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And here's Mikhail's donkey, fully digitally shaded in glorious greyscale. Back to the hawing board...
gotthehump by Ealadubh
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Camel TF, my half of an art trade with CeeJay.