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milk by Ealadubh
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Yes, it's the obligatory cow TF which all artists are required by law to draw at some point in their careers. If somebody can pass along a good enough photo of a school cafeteria, I'll colour this pic and mask it on top.
circle by Ealadubh
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When out hiking be careful where you put your feet, if you want them to remain that way.
switcheroo by Ealadubh
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Eric looks happy. Prophet's not too impressed.
Matter Over Mind by Ealadubh
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Another of those 'always read the label' situations. Metamorpher came up with the weight loss gag, and I ran with it (such being the point of a diet and exercise plan).
temple by Ealadubh
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Pigheaded by Ealadubh
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My half of an OpenCanvas with Lodoss-12, where we pigged each other out.
behooved by Ealadubh
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And here's Mikhail's donkey, fully digitally shaded in glorious greyscale. Back to the hawing board...
Encryption by Ealadubh
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03/?? That's put the Latin hat on it. No going back now... Inks, letters and finishes by me, from pencils by Oren Otter.
seahorse by Ealadubh
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caiman-river by Ealadubh
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Somebody's going up the river. Literally.