PAIGF - Ch1 cover by Dusker78

PAIGF - Ch1 cover by

Date: 9/30/2015 Views: 11538 Favorites: 34 Comments: 9


In the first chapter of my new TF comic, Professor Amazing and The Incredible Golden Fox, Isla Grace finds herself being drawn into a new dynamic world that will change her life forever. With this in mind, I decided that our first chapter needed a more dynamic cover. Hopefully, this fits the bill.

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cool :D


and your pages when trying to read the comic, it loads so slow :( but not for the connection, but probably there too many people watching that.uh (or the picture too big.uh)


Very cool indeed! I love where your story's headed. :)


Awesome cover; I've seen the previews of what's to come and it looks pretty cool!


Very excited, I assume we'll see her transformation soon in the comic?


Thanks for the comments, guys! Yes, there will be some transformation coming up in the comic very soon. Of course, you could always become a Patron and get a sneak peek of the action. :)


Anything prior to page 9 on Patreon, I like being able to access the larger files :P


All pages are up on my Patreon site - through page 15 currently. You just need to keep scrolling down to see more posts appear.


Oh, I tried going through the gallery a different way XD