Tanes Gift by Dragon-Storm

Tanes Gift by

Date: 12/6/2008 Views: 12954 Favorites: 31 Comments: 6


Requested by travelinghobbit over on DA, story goes that, a stoat attacks a kiwi, the girl chases it off, Tane the maori god of the forest, changes the girl because the kiwi likes her... or something like that. just wanted to upload something to transfur to let you people know I'm not dead


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C'mon we know you're not dead, you update your deviantart all the time. Good stuff btw :)


I likes it, you could also expand the sequence since it has a real storyline. :)


*smiles* I don't think I'd want to be a kiwi myself, but they are very cute birds, and this is a very cute sequence. Thanks for sharing with us ^^


A kiwi? Haha... awesome...


Thanks to everyone saying its cute... because that's what is was going for, anyway to address what AquadragonX said I would only really make it a sequence if someone commissioned me, sequences are long and time consuming, but fun to do... sometimes...


While I admit that the preadtion of native New Zealand birds by stoats is a serious problem, I do kinda feel sorry for the stoat. After all, it was just trying to get some food...