An Unfortunate Soul by Dragon-Storm

An Unfortunate Soul by

Date: 8/6/2008 Views: 14177 Favorites: 37 Comments: 3


Just a little something I whipped up in between... Still working on some very Unique stuff, It'll all be posting over on DA... Stop by and check it out... This image is For The thrid TF art challenge, glad they finally did another one, can't wait for number four...


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She bought the Zuckerman's farm, abandoned for years, recalling the fame of the past found in a simple pig pen she explored the forgotten barn. Her hand tingling as she brushed a spiders web away, she'll soon find a humble fame of her own.


Sounds like a good story for this piece...


Hm pretty cute I suppose, however you need to work on making your pictures look more like improgress TFs.