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Cursed Location

Is bathing in enchanted ponds ever a good idea? I think not. Colored with Microsoft Picture It (yuck!)--anyone have any better ideas?


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try photoshop--tried and true--it's what i use to color; email me if you have any questions


Bathing in pods is not a good idea? But... you'd get to be a unicorn..


If that's the result, I'd call it a great idea. ^_^


Try GIMP (www.gimp.org) its open source, so no cost to you. Complcated to use but as powerful as adobe illistrator...


I had working gimp with a borrowed graphic tablet once. Went really smoothly and once you know gimp's usage, its not too complicated at all - just well, - different ;) - I had run it on linux though. I dont know if the tablet would work with the windows version. Also if you use the windows version of gimp, save often. I tried it and it was "a bit unstable"


If you don't wanna try GIMP, you could also try Paint.net. (http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/paint.net/pdnabout.html) It is also free.


opencanvas is a pretty popular program for tablet drawing in some circles; photoshop is probably the de facto standard...


downlaod photo shop from say lime wire... I did I'm so bad :p