siamese by Currerbell

siamese by

Date: 3/30/2006 Views: 12250 Favorites: 33 Comments: 6


Ah, first piece in, I think, over a year: the ubiquitous cat-woman. Note to self: crayons suck, so stop using them and buy some real art supplies.


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cool! her torso is too long, but otherwise i like it. the cat-girl thing is everywhere, you're right, but this is a unique interpretation. it doesnt follow all the cutesy anime-esque cliches, i respect that :)


your work is fine use whatever is at hand thats what i do in CAD class anyway and it works out just fine.


You seem to be good with crayons... :) Excellent coloring


as to what Bones said, this doesn't become cliche and it's respectable for what it is. Her pose and her face are cute; just like a real kitty.


More realistic than what I usually see. Very nice!


crayons are sucky to color with but you are the master with that drawing tool -bows down-