This is a stick-uhh...ooh...Oh dear by Comic

This is a stick-uhh...ooh...Oh dear by

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Boy those self defense classes pay off. Well, that and other things...

By the way, the mugger's name is Mugsy.

PS- Green hair because shut up...just kidding its for contrast


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I'm curious. For future reference would you guys like me to do more quick, less detailed stuff or stick to getting the more finished ones when I have time?


Well, I think I'd rather see finished art. But that's just my opinion, I love your art anyway :)


Go for the more finished. There are many out there who can't do any better than rough.


Oh, I didn't mean rough or sketchy, just less refined. Like more experimental stuff or simply figures in space. I will probably end up doing more things like that just because I hate having everything so formalized. Makes it harder to work. Not that I won't make a finished illustration, I just wanted to hear what people liked.


I imagine a switch blade guy would do something similar if I drew my Vietnam War-era bayonet back on him. Plus the M81 Field Cap completes my look as a Military man... but enough about me. :P

Quick or rough pieces are okay, long as I can tell what's going on, and I could with the non-colored version of this. If you don't mind doing more work, and you enjoy it, I don't see why not.


Seriously, just do whatever you'd like regarding style of art :)


Person walks by on the sidewalk, looks over "Wtf?!"