Deer Run by Comic

Deer Run by

Date: 8/11/2012 Views: 24915 Favorites: 214 Comments: 6


Trying to learn photoshop coloring, got frustrated so here's a watercolor instead. The composition is messed up, I'll post a sketch of what I mean.

Haven't posted anything cause of a project I started on. Only about a quarter to a third of it is pure transformation, the rest is story. So I'm not sure if here is the right place to post it.


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beatuiful work. As to the project,If you decide that here is not the right place to post it, please tell us where you do. Im sure i dont speek alone when i say I'd love to see it.


I agree, please let us know where you do post the story.


Thirded. I would love to see and read more.


Also, I love how this picture, she's mostly deer but there's just enough to know she wasn't always. I love the expression on her face as well. There's a story here around this picture and I like it a lot. Fortunately for her, by the trees around it seems still spring/summer. She doesn't have to worry about mating season ... yet.


This is spectacular! I'm surprised there aren't more comments. This piece deserves it.


I like how you can still see her collarbone. Nice details!