Cobalt Kimera TF by Cobalt_K

Cobalt Kimera TF by

Date: 1/17/2011 Views: 25233 Favorites: 87 Comments: 16


I've used a cat/lion fursona for about six years, and lately I've decided it's time for a change. And what better way to signal a change of fursonas than by having one TF into the other?

The new fursona is a mix of human and goat, with a splash of lion remnants. The crazy goatee braid was inspired by my penchant for drawing beards on my goat girls. Seems only fair to "suffer" a goatee myself!


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Nice beard... interesting TF


Even if furry to furry TFs aren't really my thing, I still appreciate the sheer quality of the art here.


Neat. Reminds me of another of your chars...speaking of which is that on hold or is that comic dead?


Kleal It's coming back this year. Scripts are being written.


Very nice! Glad to hear UTC is coming back! Any idea when?


Pnut Like I said, sometime this year. An announcement will be posted to UTC's website in the next couple of days as to that effect. I'm still hashing out the feasability of my current plan.


i like but i preffer human to animal tfs


Go goats! Maybe Cassie and Flint will get closer to thier animal selves...


how does the goatee get braided during this whole situation


You can see it starting in the second picture... Looks like a severe tripping hazzard at the end, though.


Cool Looking forward to it. I was hopeing you would continue as it was starting to get good with the plot and all, and i enjoyed it very much. !:0)


Very nice, looks alot like a World of Warcraft version of a Satyr, very attractive


Honestly, goats and hoooves have always been your specialty in my opinion. As a fan of your work for quite awhile, I am so glad to see you back! Your work looks stunning, especially with the wonderful coloring job! I really like the face the most, the WTF look is very dynamic^^


WOOOOOOO! UTC IS COMMING BACK i thought u died cause u just stoped updating ur comic peroide no news no updates of any kind to tell us comic readers how ur doing but glad to see well read kinda that ur ok and the comic is going to be comming back WOOOOOOO


I love the detail, but I think you should put a couple more pics in this sequence.


It’s interesting but your character looks like a wise old sage like I can see the schedule like in the video game sitting on a mountaintop ready to dispense knowledge to some weary traveler, I don’t know that’s just the vibe it gives off XD