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Date: 3/10/2008 Views: 19090 Favorites: 27 Comments: 7

Mad Scientist

A Transfur exclusive! My comic UTC deals more with the repercussions of transformation than the actual act of it...but I make sure to put the proper effort into the TF scenes. Here is a breakdown of the stages this scene went through. The TF is sort of a midway process; Cass goes from being 1/3 goat to 2/3 goat. The finished page with text is viewable at http://urgentcrisis.comicgenesis.com/d/20080310.html


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Ee! I can't wait to see the results of the comic,its getting INSANE! ..Love the sequences and so on.. Keep up the good work,Cobalt


Very, very, very nice comic you have, I'd wager. And the repercussions of tf are about 2/3 the reason I love it - so, I love UTC ;D


This is great work! I had to go back and read through your comic archives. Most of what I like about transformations is seeing how they deal with the situation afterwards. That's why enjoy strories like this.


Nice comic! Got lots of plotline and interesting characters to support it. One question though, what is the brown thing on her forehead that's being ripped apart? I can't find anything that it could be in previous panels beyond the horns and that shouldn't be them


It is the horn, actually. I know it doesn't make any scientific sense, but for her "improved" design I wanted thinner, smoother horns so I designed the TF such that the old horns died and broke apart as the new ones formed inside them.


I thought that's what was happening to them. You have a definate style to your art and it's only been more refined since your first posting of the comic. Keep with it.


I'm also generally more interested in the repercussions of transformation than the actual transformation. And your comic-art story is an interesting take on this concept. I've bookmarked your Comics Genesis page and I look forward to future updates!