Race you to the lake! by Ciervo

Race you to the lake! by

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Never before had he had such a strong urge to dive in.

Then he heard his friends mention that never before had he had webbed paws, proportionally short legs and long torso, a thick tail, and insanely thick fur before.

He paused a moment at the end of the dock, considering them. Then he smiled, shrugged, and dove backward into the lake.


Another hoof suggestion, but a species I've wanted to do for a long time now. Maybe 5-ish hours in Photoshop. Hope y'all like it! :D

Background photo © Ola Wysocki.


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Hot bod, lovely panorama, especially the water. But the person taking the photograph needs to be slapped--I want the other half of my otter-man.


Realy good


Vulpin - I couldn't find a background image with a diving board/platform that would allow for a full-body shot, so I decided to go artsy. Don't worry, I'll do a full-body otter sometime soon ;)


Just gotta say that your work never ceases to impress, and this one might take the hard-earned title of "best Ciervo pic". Such detail!


YiffingInHell - Keeping in mind though, the background is actually stock. Still, I like the concept behind the picture. Reminds me of those drink advertisements they always portray on the beach, in trunks.


hot, fav


Some of your best work yet.


This is awesome!


He could've answered, that he also never noticed his friends having hooves, antlers and bear paws before, but who cares? The lake is luring...


I love the detail on the feet. Those feet are incredible. They are amazingly detailed and just... detailed. @_@


very nice :3


You should do more of those. THEY'RE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! :)


Like this image for a number of reasons. The work on the paws is fantastic, you really nailed the posture on the feet. Normally I'm not a huge fan of photographic backgrounds, but it works in this case, particularly the wooden dock. The overall composition is creative - the character is off centered and only the lower half is shown. I think the dock and lake probably speak to everyone's primal urges to run and jump in, and combined with the otter really gets the imagination going in ways that other images don't.

My only complaint might be that the watermark (haw haw) covers an important part of the image aesthetically, and the perspective on the background doesn't match the character and dock.

Still, fantastic work.


Hey everyone! Thanks for the comments; it's really encouraging to see people enjoy something I've made! :)

Luzu - Trying to give me ideas, eh? ;)

Cayoosh - Well, the dock is probably elevated several feet above the water and, combined with the low camera angle, means that the water looks farther away than what one might expect. ;)


Ciervo: I'd never dare... ;)


Full body, or TF?


X1justbrowsing1X - What do you mean? :)