Shower Orca TF by Ciervo

Shower Orca TF by

Date: 2/10/2013 Views: 8756 Favorites: 61 Comments: 6


He was in the middle of a nice long hot shower when he remembered (not so much remembered as was brought to mind forcefully, but anyway) that he had neglected to take his anti-plague pills that day. They were the only things keeping him (like everyone else) human. Ah well, at least swimming will be easier now...


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Good anatomy, neat colors and details!


I just hope he can reach the sea water quickly enough!


Oh, he's just going anthro. Were he to lose those legs, though... that would present a problem. ;)


Yeah, I agree that an anthro orca is manageable on land (since they're mammals and don't really need water to live), but regardless, not only is he losing his binocular vision, he has a huge blind spot which happens to be right in front of him, no longer has a sense of smell, can't eat the same foods as before due to... well... having orca teeth, his tail throws his center of gravity all over the place, and it appears that he has no hope of keeping those opposable thumbs (or any fingers at all for that matter).

Honestly if I could change into this form just for a day I would, just to see what it would feel like, but there's no way I would give up humanity for permanent anthro-orca status.


Oh, he'll keep his thumbs and fingers! They'll just be webbed :)

But yes, all valid problems with, y'know, becoming a bipedal orca. XD


Ah, I see. Still a cool form to take on.