Truttle Bear Transformati by Cayuga

Truttle Bear Transformati by

Date: 2/4/2008 Views: 34550 Favorites: 92 Comments: 9


Yay! I can make comments now!! A commission piece for Truttle. I had to learn how to draw bears, which are harder than they look.


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This is so awesome, I can't even think straight! Well worth it! Thanks so much! I love it! And I love in the ninth pic how the hair starts turning changing to the golden brown. Plus I love the shoes tearing out to reveal the paws. X3


looks kinda like you drew inspiration from brother bear.


Ya that's what I was thinking. The drawing styl,e near the end especially, definitely is reminiscent of brother bear. The transformation is awesome, and I especially like the way her muzzle comes in. Keep up the great work!


Is this Brother or Sister Bear? Very nice artwork, well done!


Truttle's a guy. Yeah -- that's what happens when I draw cartoon guys with long hair. =P I'll give him a big zz top beard next time.


At first I thought it said "Turtle Bear", and was like "wth is a turtle bear?", then I saw it said "tuttle" and went on to veiw it. Nice, but it seems scratchy in some parts, dunno if that was intended or not.


Splendid work!


This is kind of like the movie 'Brother Bear' this would've been a more detailed transformation for Kenai!


Bear aren't "harder to draw than they look." They're even harder than that. Then again, they're easy compared to horses and stuff... uhh, I'm rambling again. Great art, anyway ;D