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Date: 2/24/2006 Views: 29611 Favorites: 100 Comments: 9


This is actually an ooooooold sketch that had been kicking around in a sketchbook. I have given it new life. I have named her Jane and adopted her into my endless cabal of characters. Shes cursed and turns into a wingy unicorn thingy.. for some reason. Done quite a few doodles trying to get a "look" i want. She's got quite a gut there. Probably just bloated on all that Mead and Mutton she had for lunch. Meh... She also has a sword named Carl. Painter and microns.


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Could also be she's getting a bit of a horse gut there.


well Unicorns don't have wings so its probabbly a Unipegonig since it has pigs feet.


Ooh this would be a cool sequence. Just less pig to it


they're not pigs feet. Unicorns have cloven hooves like goats.


Yeah, they have cloven hooves and a lion like tail. ...But more importantly, I wanna know if this sword Carl is receiving affection, or is one REALLY unlucky guy...


There's something about this that I really love. Maybe it's just her snuggly round belly, but she's really beautiful, and a refreshing change from the skinny females that are sort of a cliche around here.


Oddly, I agree it is nice to see the TF victims gain a little bit of a belly...


Yay, an Alicorn


She could also be pregnant.