FemaleWerecat by BlackRat

FemaleWerecat by

Date: 7/29/2005 Views: 24679 Favorites: 134 Comments: 4

Rawr! More wardrobe destroyed. Crappy old werecat woman drawing that has been kicking around in my deviantart site for a while. An example of my "mutt'" species of werecat that I use on occasion. Doesnt look like any real cat, so the unholy pairing of two different species of werekitty is as good an explination as any; and no, it doesnt really look like either of its 'parent' species.... such is my power :P


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whats the link to yoru devientART site?


Try this instead: http://black-rat.deviantart.com/


"It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic." I think it's one of your best wardrobe destruction pieces, actually. That last moment of the transformation, it's more dynamic than most post-TF pics.