shelivesindarknes by BlackRat

shelivesindarknes by

Date: 7/28/2005 Views: 29426 Favorites: 173 Comments: 19


Commie for a "goth" girl Cat transformation. No specific "goth" type was specified so I went with the cool looking breed :P Oddly, she looks a bit like my sister @_@.... Microns and ze painter again.


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Another great one. IS it going to go up on your DA account as well, or is this one Transfur-only?


It's been on his DeviantArt account for a few months now.


it's good to see your still working, you do good stuff!


your drawing style is very nice...but i have one question...why did many of your drawings look like they are body builders? is there a special intention behind?


You know, Overlord may have a point. But still, it is good to see you posting again. I haven't seen one of your TFs in the recents for a decent while. On the other hand.. I promissles that I will get a TF ready before summer ends. Unfortunately, my scanner is going to have to go to the shop, so I may not be able to get it up on here right away.


Daily exercise and monsterism does wonders for muscle tone. All the better to snatch up joggers and tear their guts out of course.


L33t-ness. n.n Strangely, our sisters would probably get along quite well.


yu too yu're back !! great !! Nice art ! i like the "surprise" reaction on his face ! kind of " WHOA it's real ?? !!"


Great to see u back rat, hope to see more. Love those cat tfs.


I like the footpaws


Ooh, very nice! I feel bad about her boots though, those are usually quite expensive X_X....oh well, at least she never has to buy another pair!


Muscles on female tfs aren't my thing, but I LIKE this piece very very much. Wondering about the title -- "She Lives In Darkness." Really evocative, is there more to it? Great work, in any event.


[drools, falls unconscious] (yes, i do realize that my comments get less and less descriptive, but the hell with it i love it


Holy freaking hell you've improved! Ha! Such a great job!


Heh, that expression is priceless.


She'd look more goth with white fur and black hair and nails.


*glances at title* That wouldn't have anything to do with a recent Zebra Girl strip, would it?


every thing is perfect exept u need to draw the tits waaay bigger nice tf though


great good job