kw-magpielady-clsmalla by BlackRat

kw-magpielady-clsmalla by

Date: 4/29/2004 Views: 21010 Favorites: 61 Comments: 13

Ripped Clothing

Sites been slow as of late, so heres a magic werebird lady thats tangentally inspired by a commie (commission) im working on. congrats to all who recognized the Ittalian in the background. Its purposefully a bit nonsensical. :P


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wow, thanks for updating. Terrific picture. This must be the slowest art dryspell I've ever seen.


You haven't been here long then, have you? And I assume that's Russian, but that's only based on ONE of the characters I saw.


nope, not russian. Dont let the funky fontface throw you.


italian. :-P


Not cyrillic, not Russian (and that's a year of Russian talking). Hmm.


Could it be Latin? To be true, I have no idea, but this picture is awesome, really great!


It looks like one of the Hellenic (Greek) alphabets... Or maybe Latin or Egyption.

AKA: Medditerainian.


Italian, definitely.


Very nice. ^_^ Stealthwolf-SS ^_^


Nice picture, as usual (hmmm, more than usual actually - nice work on the lights, I suppose it's not easy to place the light source behind the subject). The language is a vague approximation of Italian (I don't think I'm far from the truth when I say "Babelfish" - words "curse" and "idol" left untraslated, troubled grammar, too many pronouns...). If you wish for a better translation, I'm at your service and free of charge. :-)


Solid work. Something I see too few of on this site is pictures with good dramatic lighting. This piece does what good transformation art tends to do; It suggests a strong story beyond that of a generic change, and I LOVE good story. Makes you think and puts you more in the mindset of the artist that made the work.

As for the dry spell, I would help by posting something, but alas the site administrators are being rather slow in responding to my request for posting rights. So post more and kee


Molto trapelliccioso! (yeh, more wonky pseudo-Italian...) 7@=e


multo is italian but if u know latin u can get the gist of whats going on. oh and great pic btw :)