Mysterious Totem by WhenWolvesCryOut

Mysterious Totem by

Date: 4/23/2018 Views: 4861 Favorites: 67 Comments: 6

Gender Change - Female to Male

Second week of trying tf-Tuesday type stuff. I wanted to try something I hadn't really done much of, so have a FtM. She found a strange wooden totem while out on a walk, only to soon finder herself a large wolf guy.

Still experimenting with styling these. And still waiting for my tablet to be repaired so I can make digital stuff for you guys again.


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In it's a good job, I like it to be F to M, and not an M to F. I'm already bored of the latter it's so common.




Judging from the TF TG art out there, for every girl who fantasies abt being male there are abt a thousand guys wanting to be female. Wonder if it's cultural or biological.


Hey, that kinda hurts! I am MTF, and it is a serious thing! I am the only MTF out of a group of five friends who are all FTM. I haven't transitioned yet, but I am using subliminals to change a lot, and I have made great progress! (Send me a message on Transfur if you want to chat.) I only know one other person who is MTF, and they have already transitioned. It is a struggle for transfemales (for anyone who is confused, a transfemale is a male who identifies as female) who don't look feminine to come out because it makes many people uncomfortable. The criticism is hard for a guy who hasn't transitioned because if you put on a dress people are gonna start talking or laughing, and if you straight out say, "I am a fem now!" to your family and friends, a lot of them are going to judge you for awhile. What do you mean by biological? Do you mean throughout my family, or that it occurs in males more than females?


apple or dell


What do you mean?